Protection mechanisms in the framework of consumer protection to protect consumers’ rights and interests, the Albanian state has undertaken special initiatives and mechanisms such as. The establishment of the Consumer Association, a civil society organization independent of manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, or service providers. The Consumer Protection Association is represented on behalf of its members and acts in all consumers’ interests.

Through its representative, it gives opinions on the proposed legal acts that may impact consumers, participates in meetings in the interest of the consumer, mediates between central bodies and consumers, and between traders and consumers to the protection of the interests of the latter.

This association informs consumers about their rights and presents the list of traders who, during the past years, have harmed consumers or deliberately sold goods dangerous to the health and safety of consumers. For any violated rights, the consumer or the consumer protection association can complain to the competent administrative bodies charged by law for consumer protection, such as AKU.

Manufacturers and service providers need to bring safe goods and services to the market. Safe goods and services are considered those goods and services, which meet:
Local standards; European standards set out in International Conventions and legitimate consumer safety requirements.

Rules and regulations relating to safety and health standards and conditions, which the good or service must meet before entering the market, will be established by special laws dealing with this framework r.
Another protection mechanism created by state structures in this regard is the Consumer Protection Agency, which is based on the protection of certain consumer rights and aims to increase the interaction and effectiveness of work to meet the objectives planned through monitoring and evaluation of some of the most critical areas directly related to life activity such as:

– It aims for consumers to be better informed and self-determined to possess relevant knowledge of their rights about the market and public services.

– It also aims to monitor, control urban territory, and protect from illegal interference, pollution, and violations, which in support of legal provisions are defined as administrative violations.

– Monitoring the quality of public transport means of transportation available from companies that provide this service.

– Evidence and monitoring of the occupation of public spaces from inert and hazardous waste dumps.

– Control of community services and tracking of Municipality projects related to community services

– Training and certification of operators that provide public food service in bars, restaurants, and hotels.