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The rude secret meaning behind the Macarena

It’s the family-friendly song that’s played at every wedding, school disco or office party we’ve even been to.

But did you know that the Macarena actually has an incredibly rude meaning? Because we certainly didn’t.

Last month, TikTok user Tom PK challenged people to reveal the songs that they thought were perfectly innocent when they were growing up.

Kicking things off, Tom explained how the Macarena has some rather risqué lyrics.

He said: “That was at every single school discos when I was about 10 years old.”

In the viral video, Tom explained how the song is actually about a woman who cheats on her boyfriend when he’s out of town.

He said: “And she, when he’s away, has a threesome with his two best mates. No joke! Google it – what the F***!”

In the song, the Macarena is a word used to describe a woman who is attempting to get men to come and dance with her.

If she likes their moves, the Macarena claims she’s happy to take them home after the night out.

In the second verse, the woman reveals that she has a boyfriend called Vittorino – who she happily cheats on with his two pals.

She sings: “Now come on, what was I supposed to do? He was out of town, and his two friends were soooooo fine.”

Even though the song was released about 30 YEARS ago, Tom‘s viewers were stunned to find out the true meaning.

One replied: “How am I supposed to dance the Macarena again with this info?!”

The full translated lyrics:

Give happiness to your body Macarena
‘cause your body is for giving happiness and nice things to
Give happiness to your body Macarena
Heeey… Macarena! Aaay!
(repeat once)

Macarena has a boyfriend who‘s called…
who‘s called the last name Vitorino,
and while he was taking his oath as a conscript
she was giving it to two friends… Aaay!
(repeat once)


Macarena , Macarena , Macarena
you‘re popular the summers in Marbella
Macarena , Macarena , Macarena
you like the guerrilla excesses… Aaay!
(repeat once)


Macarena dreams of the English Tailor
and buys the latest models
She would like living in New York
and seduce a new boyfriend… Aaay!
(repeat once)


This article originally appeared in The Sun and was republished with permission

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